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No matter how big or small your demand is, whether your wish is personal or professional – CLS has the right team, address book, and resources in place to provide you with top quality services. Our network becomes yours.

Key reasons to relocate to Monaco:

  • Monaco offers a peaceful, private and friendly environment where people can live and work;
  • Well-developed legal and administrative system, allowing the establishment of individual and international business structure;
  • International status as a member of many international organization such as UNO since 1993 and European Council since 2004;
  • Low tax jurisdiction;
  • Excellent environment for the administration of international business structure;
  • Highly secured place (one of the world’s lowest criminal rate);
  • Very high safety of the people;
  • Regional center for international banking and financial services, with high quality accommodation and excellent quality of life;
  • Residents are not subject to tax in Monaco on their worldwide income, capital gains or subject to an annual wealth tax on the value of their global assets.

Our Services

Consulting and Luxury Services is your personal assistant on demand. Learn more about services we provide below. All you need to do is contact us.
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Professional Services

Any formality, such as becoming a resident in Monaco, opening up a new business, or simply getting advice from our legal and tax specialists, we will make every formality easily achievable for you:

  • Advisory services, formalities, administrative help
  • Opening a bank account, credit applications and financial management
  • Legal support with our lawyers, notaries and jurists
  • Monaco residency applications
  • Company formation in Monaco, France and abroad
  • Tax planning and accounting
  • Licensing

Car Services

Time is precious, let us manage all your vehicle needs.

  • Import / Export of vehicles
  • Registration, license plates, technical control, taxes
  • Sale / Rental
  • Insurance
  • Driver license
  • Car maintenance
  • Ecological car wash

Travel Services

Let us organize each step of your voyage.

  • Seasonal rental, booking of hotels, flights and vacation organization
  • Customized travel
  • Limousine services, chauffeur services
  • Travel advice
  • Helicopter transfer
  • Airport transfer

Yacht Services

Efficiency – is guaranteed on the sea just as much as on land

  • Rental/Sales/Management
  • Catering, provisioning services
  • Staff for all your needs

Real Estate Services

Working only with the most trusted contacts and partners, CLS will not only find your ideal property, but will also look after it during your absence, and will improve each of your stays.

  • Finding your property
  • Establishment: moving services, insurance, electricity, telecom, furnishing
  • Buying, selling or renting your property through our network
  • Cleaning services for your property
  • All handyman services
  • Increase your property value with our experts in “Home Staging”
  • Interior design and renovations
  • Monitoring of any work done in you villa
  • Office spaces

Everyday Services

Attention to detail in every aspect of your daily demands – for your personal and professional needs.

  • Mail management
  • Home services
  • Children personnel
  • School support
  • Personal trainer / coaching
  • Healthcare
  • Spa and salon services
  • Personal chef / cooking classes
  • Pet care
  • Personal shopping / cigars / gastronomy
  • Tailoring

Event Management

Whether you need every aspect of your special event planned, or just need to book in the finest places, you will enjoy a range of exclusive offers and benefits

  • Bookings: restaurants, clubs, concerts, shows, opera, sports and major events
  • Corporate event organization
  • Theme party organization

Special Requests

Whether it is finding of:

  • Rare bottle of spirit
  • VIP package for Formula One Grand Prix
  • Private Jet

The sky is the limit!


Our team – is a set of highly qualified specialists, coming from different parts of the globe to bring creative skills, thoughts and solutions to create a multifamily office. We speak a number of languages, including: French, English, Russian, Latvian, Italian, German, Danish and Romanian. Due to high diversity and versatility of the members, each of our clients gets a personal assistance and customized services. We guarantee all our services are provided within the short time frame, the best quality and from the heart.

  • Dotta
  • AXA
  • Sixt
  • Azur Helicoptere
  • Fairmont
  • Heli Air Monaco
  • Metropole
  • Monaco Telecom
  • SBM
  • VIP Limousine
  • Columbus
  • IUM
  • HM
  • Air Partner
  • Barclays
  • BSI
  • Poshberry

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: 43.729429, 7.414280
Le Louis XV: 43.739120, 7.427198
Le Vistamar: 43.738523, 7.426039
Blue Bay: 43.748989, 7.438536
Elsa restaurant: 43.751505, 7.444718
Buddha Bar Monte Carlo: 43.740003, 7.428968
Cafe des Paris: 43.739491, 7.427753
L’Hirondelle: 43.738311, 7.427780
Cote Jardin: 43.738534, 7.427605
Les Privés: 43.739491, 7.427753
La Vigie: 43.751618, 7.442803
Le Deck: 43.751404, 7.442395
Fuji: 43.746902, 7.438747
La Salle Empire: 43.739491, 7.427753
Yoshi: 43.740935, 7.427934
Le Monde de Joel Robuchon: 43.740935, 7.427934
Avenue 31: 43.746408, 7.432504
Miramar: 43.736996, 7.424054
Pacific: 43.741038, 7.428381
La Piazza: 43.742633, 7.429571
Maya Bay: 43.748708, 7.436881
Mozza: 43.742633, 7.429571
Beef Bar: 43.727584, 7.421697
La Maree: 43.737162, 7.424569
Zelo’s: 43.740456, 7.429602
Sass Cafe: 43.743622, 7.430703
Quai des Artistes: 43.732512, 7.424013
Bar Americain: 43.739491, 7.427753
Sea Lounge: 43.751466, 7.442631
Nobu: 43.740065, 7.429895
Song Qi: 43.743130, 7.430337
Bouchon: 43.743130, 7.430337
La Saliere: 43.728528, 7.420414